lunedì 7 agosto 2017

27 dress: elegant and cheap prom dresses

Today a new post!
I will talk you about a brand : 27 DRESS .

 It's an online shop where you can find an amazing selection of dresses for: weddings, prom and other special occasions.
There are some acessories too: 
Wedding Veils
Wedding Wraps
Wedding Gloves

In  this post i wanna talk you about their prom dresses.
These are my favourite:

 I ordered this dress on July.10th, and it reached to me this morning. it is so quickly. I can not believe it. It is shipped from another country and it is made after i placed the order, but it only took 15 days to come to my hand. It is really so quick! 

And also, they have summer sale now, customers could get extra 10% off, and the coupon code is: Summer

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  1. I don't know which one I'd chose, they're all look amazing! :)

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  2. All of them look amazing! *_*

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  3. роскошные платья, все очень понравились

  4. They are all stunning!

  5. Que vestidos tão giros, gostei muito do último! :)

  6. Dresses from second photo are stunning!

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  8. They all look stunning...and I can't pick one to be honest :P

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  10. Wow, every dress is somehow special and beutiful in a different way. Thanks for sharing!
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  14. I love those dresses and thank you for your comment on my blog
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